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Welcome to S.A.Exports

S.A.Exports is the flagship company of BEEU Group.It is one of the major exporters of shrimp to Japan and the US from Eastern India. The big fish in the total export value of the Group is the high-value product "Black Tiger Shrimp". It has its own competitive edge over shrimps farmed in other geographical locations. Black Tiger shrimp is farmed under natural environment in West Bengal due to the direct connectivity of the ponds with sea channels. Under the influence of sea tide the ponds too have their own natural tide, and during the course of tide the shrimps are trapped in bamboo boxes. Hence, the huge landing of shrimps in West Bengal is always anticipated during white moon and black moon.The cycle continues from the beginning of March to the end of November. Sea materials season is usually from August to December in West Bengal.

S.A. Exports serves worldwide customers with Kolkata being the hub of Traditional Black Tiger Shrimp.

It has explored international markets like the US, Japan, UAE, Canada, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.